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A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Glitch Tracker


Glitch Tracker is a 3D FPS. You control Tracker, an experienced hacker who needs to destroy all the glitches before the time ran out. This game was made for the Paint Jam.



  • WASD - Movment;
  • Space - Jump;
  • Left Mouse - Shoot;
  • Right Mouse - Reload;
  • Shift - Blink.



  • ShyGuy - Marvelous High Noon Painting (logo at start);
  • Cave Story | Last Boss - Nicalis/Studio Pixel (remix made on GXSCC);
  • MK Toon Shader - Michael Kremmel;
  • Blizzard - All the stuff which is yours (pls don't sue me).

All rights to respective owners.



  • 20, March 1.0 | - Downloads added to the project;
  • 20, March 1.1 | - Fixed a bug which caused mouse to disappear on the main menu after the player returned to the main menu.

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Published5 days ago
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux


glitchtracker.7z (14 MB)
Download (25 MB)
glitchtracker_linux.7z (25 MB)

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